The Luke Family History

Fort Orange
Fort Orange (Early Albany, New York)


It is my mission to bring the names of my ancestors back from total obscurity,
to find out who they were, where and how they lived. I feel a personal
debt of gratitude for their perseverance and pioneer spirit.

This Study

This is a new and original study. This study is dedicated to all of the family members
from the past. This study has been undertaken primarily for current and
future family members so they too can discover their roots.

This Information

This information has been research in length and can be read with a high degree of
confidence that it is accurate. Mistakes can be made. Original information can
be recorded incorrectly. Information received from other researchers could
be incorrect. New information can always change old information.

Source Information

A debt of gratitude goes to all other researchers and all of those who had the foresight
to write things down and record all manners of information. There are source pages
under The Luke Story past to present. Special thanks to the Early Dutch Records
The Church of the Latter-Day Saints, the Reamer family bible. Other sources
include wills, deeds, census information, family bibles, newspapers,
Bethlehem Town History, NYS Library, Hall of Records, Cemeteries,
H.Z. Jones Palatines in America, maps and many, many
Genealogical websites.

Who I Am

My name is Charles Luke. In genealogical terms I am a 7th great grand-grandson of
Johan Philip Luke. I, like many of my Ancestors, am originally from Albany
County, New York. This website is a work-in-progress, I have much more
information than currently appears on these pages. I will update the web
pages as I receive new and important information.

Navigate the Website

Getting around the website is easy enough, arrows and buttons. The web pages were created
on a desktop computer for computer viewing before hand held devices were around. Fonts, spacing,
icons, etc. have been updated for better, but not the best possible viewing with hand held devices.
A click or a touch will get you around. Margins and fonts don't always truncate perfectly on smaller

About the Website

The INDEX OF SURNAMES has over 1200 pages with hundreds of surnames with source
and family information. THE DESCENDANTS OF JOHAN PHILIP LUKE, nearly 300 pages of
Luke family and related family names and information with dates, source information,.
newspaper accounts, footnotes, not an easy read. THE LUKE FAMILY HISTORY, PAST TO PRESENT
is a reading walk through time from the beginning to now. LUKE FAMILY HISTORICAL DOCUMENTS
is a website within a website, information on deeds, wills, early records, American Civil and
Revolutionary War pages. There are also direct links to the Freije Family and Reilly Family


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